National Maritime Museum Sandpit: Voyages

03 June 2011 | 0 comments

From 12:30pm to 5pm on Sunday 17 July, we’re going to be playing games to celebrate the opening of the National Maritime Museum’s amazing new wing! Come along for a free afternoon of delights, as we try out new games themed around voyages and the maritime, inside and outside the museum itself. Book spaces from 12:30; games begin at 1.

Adrift (Kevan Davis): A handful of shipwreck survivors navigate their way home, with only a limited food supply, and the suspicion that whoever sunk their ship may also be onboard…

Ms Lidbetter’s Bakery presents Battle of the Seas: See if your fleet’s tactics can control the most treasured trade routes… before your rivals gets there first.

Mutinous Sea-Dogs (Will Pearson): A social card game where you try to maintain command over a mutinous rabble or overthrow the oppressive captain.

A Motley Cruise (Simon Katan): Arr me hearties! This is a game for pirates and privateers. Sail the high seas to chase down your enemy and steal their bounty.

Games we Played in Berlin (Hide&Seek): Two fast-paced no-tech games we learnt at the recent “You Are GO!” festival in Berlin: the sneaky and agile Ninja, and the frenetic Danish Clapping.

What’s the Point (Dusty Button): Explore the distant corners of the museum, using a map, a compass, and your wits.

Critical Acclaim (A Door in a Wall): A game of reviews. Build your  article from existing quotes in order to deceive your opponents.

SeE HoW (Emma Davenport and Sophie Nathan): Reckon you got what it takes to be at sea? Sign up for the ultimate nautical training challenge and become a definitive expert SeE CaDeT.

Shore Leave (Anna Brownsted): a fast-paced good-time game for sailors and landlubbers alike. Compete with your fellow sailors to see who can have the most fun before it’s time to return to the ship…

Semaphoria (Holly Gramazio): Use three brightly-coloured flags to send instructions to your team-mates, in a race against another crew.

Spin Your Partner (Hide&Seek): Time for a sailors’ jig! Take your partner and spin around in this fast-paced trading dance game.

Hornswaggle! (Drew Crow): Use your phone and your wits to avoid the booby traps and find the treasure, but hide it well because you’re not the only one after it!

Three Little Brigs (Hide&Seek): Add to a slowly growing map, and choose your ship’s route around the collaborative coastline.

In all there’ll be a dozen games across the afternoon, mostly for adults but some family-friendly. Some high-tech, some using nothing more complicated than paper; some raucous, some for the sedate ponderers among us; for one player at a time, or for groups of forty. We’d love to see you there.

Facebook event is here.

The Sandpit is Hide&Seek’s irregular playing and playtesting event. For artists and designers it’s a chance to try out new ideas; for everyone else, it’s a chance to play new games for the first time, or to revisit old favourites. There are always plenty of games going on, so there’s bound to be something that suits you.

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