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14 April 2011 | 0 comments

So, here are some gamey things you can do over the next month or so, if you’re in London:

On April 24, Fire Hazard are running Suspected, a half-hour game commissioned by Sci-Fi London. We have no idea what the game involves, and the description is pretty enigmatic: Choose a challenge: you can compete in stealth and deception, or rely on your speed and agility. Choose a codename. And, if it comes to it, be prepared to choose a side. £5 entry fee, mysterious descriptive text, the South Bank at 11am on Easter Sunday morning… is it a chase? A hunt? A high-tech egg-rolling competition? Only one way to find out.

On 14 May, GameCamp 4 is running at a new venue: London South Bank University. As usual, there’ll be an awful lot of very interesting people hanging around and talking about games, all day. It’s £15, and there seem to be a very few tickets left.

And coming up later in the year, the Science Museum are putting together a mini-festival on the theme of gaming. They are programming at the moment, and interested in commissioning anything from installation pieces to pervasive games that run throughout the museum. Contact festival producer Angie Bual at for more information.

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