Oranges and Lemons

14 March 2011 | 2 comments

Apparently orange is fashionable this spring.

Which is good! Because orange (or “coral rose”, as the official Pantone designation appparently has it) is great.

And also bad! Because it completely ruins a game I’ve been idly enjoying over the past year.

The game is something you can play whenever you’re wandering around, in a town, village or city, with at least one other person. It works like this:

Whenever any of you spot someone wearing orange, you point them out to the other players. You get a point. It has to be a proper garment – scarf, coat, tights, etc – not just a t-shirt with a bit of orange on it.

That’s it. And it worked because orange was really easy to spot, and had just the right level of rarity. In an afternoon of wandering around a medium-sized city, you might expect to see ten or twelve orange-wearers – leaving just long enough between each one to start forgetting that the game was going on.

But now orange isn’t an outcast colour any more – and the game’s stopped working. There are just too many opportunities for points, so it takes up too much thinking space, and becomes tedious really quickly.

So I need another target: something that’s easy to spot from a distance, that’s pretty rare but not entirely unkonwn, and that doesn’t take any thought to identify (no particular brands or shoe types, for example – the game’s no fun if you have to pay conscious attention). Any suggestions? White dogs, non-working public clocks? Most of the other colours seem far too popular, but maybe there’s one that’s recently fallen from esteem…

Pictures by Rochelle Ratner

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  • On 17 Mar 2011, Tom Williams said:

    My friends and I play this game, though our version is called Horse. You can guess what we’re spotting. Depictions of horses, in whatever form, also count.

  • On 23 Mar 2011, Holly said:

    Oh, horses is nice! And related to the charming My Cows, possibly.

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