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17 February 2011 | 0 comments

There’s a flurry of interesting Gamey Stuff in London over the next few weeks… giant Senet, bowling game sound effects, wandering around the British Museum, and pub-based parlour games.

On 17 February (that’s TONIGHT, yes), it’s a British Museum Late from home live art, with a giant game of Senet from 815Agency; anyone who was at our Weekender or V&A Late may remember them from the wonderful Pass The Impossibly Large Parcel. There’ll also beĀ  a feral choir, dancing, clay to play with, and theatre from Periplum (who made The Bell, above), all themed around the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

On 5 and 6 March it’s the Barbican Weekender, complete with Playlab’s face-matching game Ichi Face, and Cory Arcangel’s bowling-game-themed installation in the Curve.

And then on 10 March there’s Mr Ball’s Parlour Games, a night of games like Charades, the Hat Game, Pictionary and other parlour game fun, run by the mythical (or at least historical) Mr Ball. Teams of players rotate through different opponents and games through the night, so by the end you’ve had the chance to play practically everything, and meet pretty much everyone. From 7:30, in the cosy back room of The Duke of Wellington on Balls Pond Road.

participatory theatre from Periplum (who made The Bell, pictured above),

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