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This game is one of four Valentine-themed boardgame remixes, part of the Boardgame Remix Kit project, available now as an app, ebook, paper boook and set of cards.

ROFDLT is a game of acronyms that may well lead to lewdness.
Players: 2, preferably in a relationship.
Requires: a bag of Scrabble tiles, a timer (30 seconds)

You play this game with a partner, rather than against them – you’re trying to work together to get the highest score you can, out of a maximum of 100.

Take it in turn to draw five Scrabble tiles out of a bag; let’s say you get W, P, K, F, and T. Once you’ve drawn out the tiles, you have to make them into an acronym describing something you can do to your partner (in the way that ROFL means Rolls On Floor Laughing). You can move the letters around as much as you like, and use as many or as few of them as you want to.

Once you’ve thought of your action, take the tiles you’re using and put them in the right order – any that you’re not using go in a discard pile. Then set the timer going and start doing the action you’ve come up with. Your partner has thirty seconds to work out what it is! They can make as many guesses as they like.

So for the example letters, you might (depending on the equipment available to you) Pat Knee, or Touch Foot With Pinkie, or Fondle Penis Whimsically, or Prod With Toblerone.

If your partner guesses what you’re doing within the time limit, you get as many points as there were tiles in the acronym – congratulations! If they don’t guess, put the tiles in the discard pile. Either way, it’s now your partner’s turn to pull out some letters and think of an action to perform.

The game ends when you run out of tiles – the absolute maximum score you can get (assuming you haven’t lost any tiles) is 100.


  • To get a high score, you want your acronyms to be longer – but of course, that might make them harder to guess.
  • If you get a blank, you can use it as whatever letter you like – but you can’t tell your partner what letter it stands for, so be careful; it could make things more difficult rather than easier…

More about the Boardgame Remix Kit: here.
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Picture by Robert S Donovan.

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