I Brought You This Piping To Show You My Love

10 February 2011 | 0 comments

This game is one of four Valentine-themed boardgame remixes, part of the Boardgame Remix Kit project, available now as an app, ebook, paper boook and set of cards.

I Brought You This Piping To Show You My Love sends players roaming around the Cluedo mansion, trying to find the perfect gift to make their beloved’s heart melt. Rope? A candlestick? A nice sharp practical knife?

Players: 4-6
Requires: a Cluedo board, cards, pieces, pens and paper

Each player has a beloved, and is trying to propose marriage to that beloved – and give them the perfect gift so that they just can’t say no. But be careful! If you propose with the wrong gift, they’ll spurn you, and you’ll be out of the game.

Each player also has someone who is in love with them.  Watch out – if they figure out what the perfect gift for you would be, and propose marriage, you won’t be able to turn them down.

Each player picks a character, takes the appropriate pawn, and puts it on the board. Players also take the card showing their character, and place it face-up in front of themselves, so people can tell who’s who.

Take the weapons – I mean, the lovely gifts. Who doesn’t love a nice romantic rope, or a sexy candlestick? You’ll need the cards and the little figurines – if you have a new version of Cluedo, with nine weapons, just pick six and put the remaining three away, along with their cards.

Now shuffle the lovely gift cards, and deal out one to each player, face-down. You can look at yours – this is the thing you really really like, the gift that would melt your heart and render you unable to turn down a proposal.

Scatter the gifts randomly around the house, one in each room.

Now shuffle the room cards, and deal out one to each player – again, face-down, and again, you’re allowed to look at yours. This is a room that you really, really hate. If someone proposed to you in this room, you’d turn them down instantly – even if they had the perfect gift.

Now take the remaining gift and room cards (still face-down), and shuffle them together. Lay them out in rooms of the Cluedo mansion, no more than one to a room, face-down.

Getting  Started
Look at the person sitting to your left. Which character are they playing? Your character is desperately in love with theirs. You quite like everyone else, sure, but they, the person sitting to your left – Colonel Mustard, or Miss Scarlett, or Mrs Peacock, or whoever it may be – they’re the one you really want.

As established in the setup, you also really like the object on the implement card that’s been dealt to you; and hate the room on the room card that’s been dealt to you.

The youngest player starts, and then play proceeds to their left. On your first turn, you must move into one of the rooms to either side of you. On subsequent turns, you must move from the room you’re in to any room that’s next to it (including the room in the middle of the board). You cannot stay in the same room.

When you move from one room to another, you can bring any one gift that’s in the first room to the second. This gift doesn’t belong to you – anyone else can move it as well – you’ve just dragged it from one room to another.

When you arrive in a room, you can do one of the following things:

  • If there’s a face-down card, you can peek at it.
  • If your beloved is in the room, you can offer them one of the gifts whose little model is in that room, and propose marriage.
  • If the person who is in love with you is in the room, you can ask them any question, and they have to answer truthfully (to the best of their knowledge) – but be careful; whatever they answer, everyone else will be able to hear.
  • If someone you’re indifferent to is in the room (you’re not in love with them, and they’re not in love with you), you can propose trading questions – if they agree, they get to ask you a question that you have to answer truthfully, and then you get to ask them a question that they have to answer truthfully.

(You can’t ask your beloved questions – you’re far too tongue-tied.)

So what you want to do is figure out what gift your beloved wants, pick that gift up, get it to the same room as them (not the room they hate, though!) and propose marriage. To do this, you can collect information by looking at the face-down cards, asking questions, and taking notes when other people asks questions.

If you propose to someone, and you have the right gift and you aren’t in the room they hate, then congratulations! They’ll accept, and you win. Everyone else loses. Yes, even your beloved.

If you propose to someone but you have the wrong gift, or you’re in the room they hate, then they will turn you down. You’re broken-hearted; you no longer have a move, you just stay where you are, unless someone asks you a question or proposes to you, in which case you respond as if you were still playing.

The game is over as soon as a marriage proposal has been accepted.

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Picture by Vassil Tzvetanov.

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