Winter Games

10 November 2010 | 0 comments

Unless it’s actually snowing, winter can be a difficult time for running-around play.  Coming up later in the month, two groups of game designers have addressed the problem in two different ways…

In London, Fire Hazard has retreated to the tunnels for Riotball, a cross between football, basketball, netball and volleyball. It’s played with a giant glow-in-the-dark ball and glowing wristbands – and yes, as that would suggest, it’s played in the dark. 20 November, under London Bridge; tickets £12.

And in Manchester, Larkin’ About are sticking outdoors with some specially-designed seasonal games, including Hide the Guy (assist your fellow Catholics in hiding Guy Fawkes from King James’ Guards) and Vee Uye’s game 7:Candles:Mcr, which will play out simultaneously in the city centre and on Twitter, asking you to illuminate some gloomy corners of the city. Free, from 6pm in the greenroom bar.

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