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24 August 2010 | 0 comments

We here at Hide&Seek remember the distant days of yore (“yore” means “around 2007 or so”, right?), when big pervasive game events were so rare that each one was accompanied by comets that flared through the sky. In these newfangled times, however, the fun pretty much never stops. The next few weeks see groups in Birmingham, Bristol and Pittsburgh all running a pile of different games…

BARG, in Birmingham, recently ran Taste the Game, a clearly amazing afternoon of games at the Midlands Arts Centre. They’re back there this Sunday 29 August for Enter the Arena. It’s free, and there’ll be secret aliens, cardboard swords, and pretty much all the fun you could possibly want on a Sunday afternoon.

Also coming up this weekend, the Steel City Games Fest is running in Pittsburgh. It’s from Obscure Games, who won Best New Sport this year at Come Out & Play with their pinball-themed football-baseball hybrid Silverball, and the festival has a really interesting focus on new sports.

And then, on the 17th and 18th of September, it’s Igfest time in Bristol! There’s a folk game theme, and you can expect the full schedule soon, but in the mean time you can grab a ticket to 2.8 Hours Later, their zombie-themed through-the-city chase game. It’s £10, and is pretty much bound to be amazing.

Picture by Kevan Davis, of Igfest 2009.

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