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04 August 2010 | 2 comments

If you made it to the 2010 Weekender, you might have seen the Pocketgame display – dozens of designs for easy-to-play games you can keep in your pocket, entered for the Cadbury pocketgame competition.

A couple of weeks ago, a collection of judges (including me) narrowed the entries down to ten – and these ten are now open for a public vote, here.

For the next stage, two of the ten games are going to be turned into proper physical prototype versions, sent out to thousands of players – and it’s up to YOU YES YOU (well, and any other voters) to choose which two those will be.

The games are up for voting here, and they’re well worth a look. There’s…

  • The chalk racetrack fun of Flick Racer – it’s a bit hard to read, but there’s a bigger version here (disclaimer: this one’s from James Wallis, who shares an office with Hide&Seek, and whose chocolate digestives we ate while he was on holiday)
  • The straightforward and brightly pretty Choc-a-Block
  • The charming balancing game Stackits, where the box is part of the play
  • A selection of cunning papercraft-lite penny-flicking sports
  • And six more, so do poke around and pick a favourite!

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  • On 7 Aug 2010, James Wallis said:

    So that’s what happened to my digestives.

  • On 9 Aug 2010, Holly said:

    Yeah, we bought a replacement packet but then we ate those as well…

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