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  • Transmedia Training Days

    31 August 2010 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    Hide&Seek have formed a new partnership with The Script Factory, Europe’s premier script development organisation, to launch two brand new workshops this Autumn.

    If you read about the amazing Wonderlab and thought it sounded interesting, or if you’re beginning to work in transmedia and want to kick-start your career, then these events are for you. The day-long workshops are devised and run by our very own Alex Fleetwood and Margaret Robertson, and they’re going to be brilliant.

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  • Some games you should definitely go to

    24 August 2010 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    We here at Hide&Seek remember the distant days of yore (“yore” means “around 2007 or so”, right?), when big pervasive game events were so rare that each one was accompanied by comets that flared through the sky. In these newfangled times, however, the fun pretty much never stops. The next few weeks see groups in Birmingham, Bristol and Pittsburgh all running a pile of different games…

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  • The Generosity Game

    19 August 2010 | by Alex Fleetwood | 0 comments

    I’ve been taking part in a two-day symposium on talent development in Edinburgh. Today I chaired a panel featuring David Jubb (BAC), Nick Sweeting (Improbable), Anthony Roberts (Colchester Arts Centre) and Andy Field (Forest Fringe). The Generosity Game was designed in response to a provocation from Tassos Stevens (I believe he triple dog dared me). I was thinking about ways in which we could get away from the panel format (in itself a cultural institution) to something which addressed the themes of the panel – organisational generosity, strategic altruism and the messy business of developing artists – in a playful, open & constructive way. I’d really like to play it some time, and maybe see it as something that could develop and grow.

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  • New Hide&Seek Game: The Normans

    04 August 2010 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    Have you ever wanted to teach 7- to 11-year-olds about the Battle of Hastings? Or keep a group of children occupied for an hour? How about both at the same time? Well, now’s your chance…

    Hide&Seek’s been working on a game for the BBC’s Normans season, as part of their Hands On History series of activity packs. It’s an active playground game for 7 to 11-year-olds, based on the Battle of Hastings. We’ve done an awful lot of running around, playtesting, rules-tweaking, beanbag-throwing, flag-making and rule-writing over the last couple of months, and the game’s now gone live on the BBC website (scroll down to download the pdf – it’s at the bottom of the page).

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  • Pocketgame voting live

    04 August 2010 | by Holly Gramazio | 2 comments

    If you made it to the 2010 Weekender, you might have seen the Pocketgame display – dozens of designs for easy-to-play games you can keep in your pocket, entered for the Cadbury pocketgame competition.

    A couple of weeks ago, a collection of judges (including me) narrowed the entries down to ten – and these ten are now open for a public vote, here.

    For the next stage, two of the ten games are going to be turned into proper physical prototype versions, sent out to thousands of players – and it’s up to YOU YES YOU (well, and any other voters) to choose which two those will be.

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