A couple of weeks left to play

28 July 2010 | 0 comments

Earlier in the summer, a couple of charming (and free!) participatory-y game-y interactive-y all-around-London-y projects began: the Conspiracy for Good, an ongoing story with four great big pervasive game events, and Tate Britain’s Grand Experiment, a series of sound walks focused on different Henry Moore sculptures.

Well, summer is long, right? Plenty of time to play everything. Except now both projects are drawing to a close, and if you – by which I mean me – have been sitting around assuming that you’d get around to playing any time now, you’re going to need to get a move on.

There are two events left in the Conspiracy for Good’s run, happening this Saturday (the 31st) and next, during the day. Players from previous events report hours of running around, hunting down clues, solving puzzles, boats, buskers and ice-cream vans (see the video above). It’s free, but you’ll need to give them your contact details and book in advance at the website (there are some spaces left at time of writing…).

And the Henry Moore exhibition at the Tate runs until 8 August, so find a statue near you and download its mp3 while you’ve still got the chance, and then visit whenever suits you.

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