WonderLab concludes…

15 July 2010 | 0 comments

After three days of extraordinary play, debate and creation, the WonderLab has concluded. We’ll be posting the conclusion shortly, in the form of a ruleset for a unique new game called Couple Up, which – apart from anything else – must have one of the most luminous credits list ever constructed.

For now, what there is for your enjoyment is a selection of extraordinarily provocative 5 minute talks, from extremely smart people, about things that blow their minds. Some spoke about personal experiences, some about aspects of their work, all changed how we thought. Check out the WonderLab channel for more.

For now, though, I’d just like to say thanks to the Jerwood Charitable Foundation who made it all possible, to LIFT, with whom we produced the Lab, and all our participants, speakers and staff.

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