Saturday 17th: it’s a bewilderingly busy games frenzy!

15 July 2010 | 0 comments

While we’ve been running around with Weekenders and Wonderlabs, the rest of the world has been hurrying about too, setting up all sorts of playful things over the next couple of weeks. And specifically, over the next couple of days. And even more specifically, on Saturday 17 July, when a ridiculous four different pervasive-game-y events are happening across the UK, entirely unrelated to each other.

In Manchester, there’s Hazard a day-long city-centre microfestival of sited performance including games from the Larkin’ About crew. There will be deely-boppers.

And still in Manchester, there’s a zombie-themed game at Eccles shopping centre, from Let’s Go Global.

In London, this weekend sees the start of the Conspiracy for Good’s live events, which promise to be amazing – the Conspiracy is also looking for volunteers to help out over the next few weeks, so if you’re interested, email Jo Dagless at

And in Bristol, there are a few places left in Iglab’s design workshop at the Milk Bar.

Four events! One single day! Surely this can only end in an epic pitched battle/game between the four at some central point, desperately confusing the inhabitants of a tiny mid-England village.

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