The WonderLab begins

11 July 2010 | 1 comment

As the Weekender draws to a close, we wanted to remind you to keep an eye out for the WonderLab, which starts on Monday. Thanks to support for the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Hide&Seek and LIFT are bringing together some of the smartest creatives from the digital, gaming, theatre and performance fields, to spend three days exploring where digital tools and the ethos of play will take us next.

Attending, we have brilliant people like Paul Bennun, head of digital at Somethin Else; Pat Kane, writer of the Play Ethic; Kati London, vice president at Area Code; Nick Currie, known to some of you as Momus and to others as the author of The Book of Scotlands; Malcolm Sutherland, theatre producer and digital guru, Melanie Wilson, performer and sound artist; Tom Armitage, creative technologist at BERG; and Jo Twist, commissioning editor at Channel 4.

And, if that wasn’t enough, coming in to visit, we’ll have Tassos Stevens, of Coney and other fame; Syndey Padua, creator of Babbage and Lovelace; Mark Earls, author of Herd; Richard Lemarchand, game designer for the Uncharted series; Nick Ryan, composer and audio designer; Aleks Krotoski, writer and presenter of the Virtual Revolution series, alongside a couple of other mystery guests.

Even better, all of these people will also be talking to you, via a series of short videos we’ll be releasing over the next few days. Everyone is coming to the lab armed to talk about something which blows their mind – something amazing or extraordinary they’ve found in the course of their work or life, and we’ll be posting footage as they reveal what they’ve chosen and why. Do watch this space and we’ll keep the links coming.

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  • On 12 Jul 2010, John Williams said:

    Thanks for this post. I’ll have to check this out given my new book Screw Work Let’s Play is all about “Getting paid to play”! (And I love LIFT too.)

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