Weekender Games: Segue

23 June 2010 | 0 comments

Today I’m going to write about Segue, from EnterPlay. It’s a game about music, and communication, and puzzle-solving, and movement; and about clipping pieces of cardboard to a hat.

The three constituent parts of EnterPlay (Mel Cook, Steve Pretty and Laura Kriefman) come from theatre, composition and choreography backgrounds respectively, and the game exploits all their areas of expertise.

Players are asked guide a dancer around the playing space; but unfortunately the dancers only respond to music. Fortunately, each team is also supplied with a musician, and a collection of musical pieces; and as the game goes on, they use these pieces of music to move the dancer around the playing space.

It’s a lovely game to watch—when it ran at the V&A in March, the entrances to the gallery were crowded with spectators. You only get to see fragments, as different teams come in and out of view—brief passages of music from the different musicians, movements from the dancers that are only seconds long—but the mental exercise of piecing these fragments together can make even spectators feel a bit like they’re playing a game.

Segue will be running from 4pm to 6pm on Saturday 10 July.

Picture from the V&A Lates photographer.

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