Weekender Games: Sangre y Patatas

22 June 2010 | 1 comment

Sangre y Patatas by Mark EmeryIf you ever find that you’re fleeing a blindfolded monster, trying desperately to keep out of its way, sneaking so that it won’t hear that you’re there; and if in the course of fleeing this blindfolded monster, you find you have a choice between running into a forest of hanging bells, and across a steppe of crunchy corn chips; and if you aren’t sure which way is safer, but you know you need to make your mind up right now… should this ever happen to you, go for the bells. They’re loud and jangly but the monster will be hard-pressed to figure out exactly where the sound’s coming from. If you step on the corn chips, on the other hand, you’re pretty much doomed.

This is the sort of information that won’t, unfortunately, come in handy for players of Sangre y Patatas, portrayed above – because the people fleeing the monsters are blindfolded as well, and they can’t tell the difference between a forest of bells and a mound of chips unless they step into one or the other.

The game, from Tassos Stevens and Pete Law (Coney), is based on an old theatre exercise, and it’s also the live seed for forthcoming iPhone title Papa Sangre. It ran at the ICA Sandpit last Wednesday, and it was brilliant fun. For a start, there’s the whole paranoid-sneaking oncoming-doom thing; plus it triumphantly solved the problem of how to deal with players who are knocked out of the game. Each round was about two minutes long, so anyone who was knocked out of a round, or not taking part, didn’t have long to wait until the next round began; and in any case, watching the game was at least as much fun as playing it.

Sangre y Patatas will be running at the Weekender, and if anything we’ve said so far sounds even a little appealing, you should definitely try to play it – it’s enchanting.

The picture above is from Mark Emery Photography under a cc-by license; there’s some more images on his Flickr stream here.

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  • On 23 Jun 2010, Mark Emery said:

    The game was great great fun! Anyone knocked out got asked to stand at the edge of the play area and make whispering noises to guide the remaining players back towards the middle, so everyone had a part to play throughout. And the more we played the more tactics got observed and reused by others making each round faster than the one before. Will play it again for sure!

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