Weekender – first look!

21 June 2010 | 0 comments

As the Weekender races towards us – three weeks to go! – we thought we’d give you a sneak preview of some of the games that we’re going to be playing. We’ll be updating these regularly and blogging about them in more detail, but here’s an initial flavour…

  • Silent Relay, from Berlin Invisible Playground, sends its players around the Southbank area to a carefully-designed MP3 soundtrack, exchanging codephrases with players in London and Berlin
  • EnterPlay’s Segue tasks you with guiding dancers from one checkpoint to the next – with the slight difficulty that they only respond to movement
  • Coney’s Hutong is a rectangular walking game played with a team in Delhi
  • The London Poetry Game, from Alex Fleetwood, will set you translating from all sorts of languages to recover a poem commissioned specially for the Weekender
  • Pass the Impossibly Large Parcel, from 815Agency, will hide untold wonders within the papery layers of a really big parcel
  • Plus there’ll be migrating whales and electronic hats; taunts exchanged in Anglo-Saxon and Norman French; an international competition of imaginary golf; and an awful lot more!

Photo by Flickr user digitaldust.

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