Sandpit at Warwick Arts Centre in partnership with Fierce!

27 April 2010 | 0 comments

Photograph by the V&A

On 26 June, from 6 to 10pm, we’ll be at Warwick Arts Centre for a FREE night of games from Midlands artists, theatre-makers and game designers. The event is part of Fierce Festival.

There’ll be skulking, hiding, deciphering, making, listening, and pretty much all the sorts of games you could want, so do turn up and give it a try! We’ve got:

  • Bloop! from Nikki Pugh, using an electronic hat to put players in the position of a whale, navigating the oceans (okay, a room) by sound alone
  • Flag it Up! from Dusty Button, a competitive flag-making game. We give you the country, you give them a new flag.
  • Space Campfrom Unlimited Theatre. Ever wanted to be an astronaut? This game tests whether you’ve got the skill…
  • Musical!, a fast-paced story-telling game designed to make you burst into song
  • Babel from Rosie Fairchild, a game of communicating without words, hidden objects, and sneaking
  • Homely Planet from Andrew Birley, which asks you to make a two minute documentary about Warwick France. Or possibly Italy, China or New Zealand.
  • Search and Replace from Kevan Davis: grab a handful of letter tiles, go and look for signs, and twist them to your will.

Image by the V&A Lates photographer

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