Contact Theatre, Manchester as part of the FutureEverything Festival

27 April 2010 | 0 comments

On 15 May, Hide&Seek was at Contact Theatre in Manchester as part of our series of International-themed sandpits. There were theatrical games, running-around games, puzzle-solving games, creative games, and pretty much any sort of game you could want, including:

  • The Ranimal Front of Mancunia, from Larkin’ About: search for animals, help them solve their problems, and hope that they might help you to solve yours.
  • The Remote Clapping Game, from Aliki Chapple: guide your team-mates from a distance, but your only form of communication is a clap…
  • Camera Spin, from Dave Green: sit round a spinning video camera, performing tasks when the camera dictates.
  • Urban Fox-Hunting, from the Loiterers Resistance Movement
  • Super Political Street Fighter from Greg Foster – like Street Fighter, but with super politics
  • The Spy Game from Nick Howard – try to carry out your special spy tasks with your partners, but watch out – you don’t want to be betrayed…
  • Getting to Know You: Seated Globalised Network from Kai-Oi Jay Yung – sit in a circle and get to know each other, complete with questions, dares and more.

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