WLTM Humpty Dumpty

13 February 2010 | 0 comments

This game is one of four Valentine-themed boardgame remixes, part of the Boardgame Remix Kit project, available now as an app, ebook, paper boook and set of cards.

WLTM Humpty Dumpty is a quick, silly fill-in-the-blanks trivia game. Build up your very own personals ad using answers from the Trivial Pursuit questions. I’m a decepticon who’s into Charles Dickens.
Players: 2 or more
Requires: Trivial Pursuit cards, pens, paper

To start, each player is going to need at least one personal ad with lots of blank spaces. You can write your own (make sure everyone’s is the same, though!) or print out our pdf from the Boardgame Remix website.

An example might be:

Single [----------] WLTM [----------] for [----------]. Must enjoy [----------] and [----------]. No [----------]s please.

Now, each player takes a pile of Trivial Pursuit cards and puts them on the table in front of them, question side up.

You’re going to use the answers on these cards to fill in the blank spaces in your personal ad, taking it in turn to decide which colour answer you’re using. So the first player looks at the pile of cards, reads the questions, and chooses a colour – say, brown. No looking at the answers before you choose! You have to go entirely by the questions.

That player takes the top card from their pile; and everyone else looks at their own card. Everyone reads their own brown answer to themselves (not aloud!), and writes it into one of the gaps in any of their ads – wherever they think it fits best.

Now it’s the next player’s turn to choose a colour – and just like before, everyone has to take a card, and use that colour’s answer to fill in one of the gaps.

If you ever get an answer that really doesn’t fit anywhere, you can skip it and put a little cross in the corner of your paper – but you can only do this three times, so be careful!

Keep going – taking it in turns to pick a colour – until everyone’s filled in all their gaps. (This might take some players longer than others, since some players will skip more words than others).

When you’ve finished, read your ads aloud to the other players.

(Of course, there’s no reason it has to be personal ads – you can play the same game with limericks, movie listings, menus, catalogue descriptions or anything you like.)


If you want a competitive game, there are a couple of things you can do:

Put the ads in the newspaper and see who gets the most responses
Before you start playing, everyone writes down the name of a friend or a fictional character you all know. At the end of the game, players vote on who would be the best date for each of the named friends – the winner is the player who created the most dateable ads.


  • Once you’ve written a word in, that’s it – no moving things around!
  • If you’re writing your own ad to use, make sure most of the blanks are places where a noun would fit – these are the easiest to fill.
  • If it’s not your turn to choose a colour, feel free to pick up your top card and read through the questions and answers while you’re waiting.

More about the Boardgame Remix Kit: here.
Return to Valentine games: here.
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